Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wonderful experience

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Alhamdullilah today is almost 8 weeks equal to 2 months im being a mommy.
Terasa cpt masa berjalan.
Tup tap tup tap next year at the end of July will be my due for my baby.
For the 4 weeks alhamdullillah its still ok with me.
But when its come 6 to 7 weeks im having badly morning sickness which i never thought like that.
First time experienced this morning sickness make me realize the sacrifice of mommies outside there and also my Mama.
Dr giving me 2 days of Medical Leave as i cannot perform my work at all.
With the help of my lovely husband and lovely friends i manage to handle it.
Now im waiting 12 weeks to make my Red Report Card
Cant wait to have the report card.
Hope this year and next year will be a good and blessing year for me.
i have 2 week more to finish my 2nd last semester.
and next year i have 3 more papers to struggle to finish my Master
and insyallah will deliver a cute little baby girl or boy.
pray for me.

this is the pic of baby when he or she 8 weeks.
mines also like this.
Pray for me and my baby ya.

Ms Linie

Sunday, November 20, 2011

membaca luas pengetahuan

alhamdullilah semenjak bakal bergelar parents i do read a lots of books, magazines and articles.
recently just found this blog

pics credit from Dr Harlina blog.

by DR Harlina.
sgt seronok membaca experience she's with the baby B and water birth.
best sgt.if have an opportunity, mmg nk try water birth ni
enjoy reading this blogs ya.

Ms Linie

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Im Back

Bersawang belog ni..
last post in on August.
Tersangat la busy.
as usual our Eid is on August, jatuh pulak dgn last date untuk submit all the marks for the anak-anak.
sibuk pulak dgn presentation practical training, sibuk pulak dgn jamuan hari raya kolej, sibuk pulak dgn latihan koir anak-anak.
then come Octo.
Sibuk untuk persiapan wedding yg tak seglamer Memey dan Norman Hakim.
alhamdullilah urusan ijab dan kabul berjalan dgn lancar.
now i am wife  right now.
sibuk menjelang the preparation OMG mmg sangat sibuk.
dengan class UUM dh start and weekend travel ke AOR to Changlun pulak kan.
tp alhamdullilah i still managed to make my DIY wedding come true.
so, let the picture tell everything ok.


 guest book

 center piece

 basket for goodie bag

 dollie paperbag

 pillow ring for HIM

 paper stand

 our pelamin


 pintu gerbang

 wedding cup cake + cake (made by my brother in law)

wish me happilly ever after with Enchik Faiz Hilmi. waiting for the 3rd person in our family.

Ms Linie

Monday, August 15, 2011


Ever since Ramadhan begans, Iftar hanya dirumah je.
Tak pernah ber Iftar di luar.
Btw, what is Iftar?

ftar (Arabicإفطار‎), refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community, with people gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is done right after Maghrib(sunset) time. Traditionally, a date is the first thing to be consumed when the fast is broken.

Ramadhan ke 11 baru Iftar di luar tp tak jauh mana pun.
Alor City sudahh..
Cadang-cadangnya sampai nk makan Ikan Bakar di Kola Perlis tp memandangkn plan pun tiba-tiba so aku pun ajak Enchik untuk try Indonesian cuisine.
Akhirnya kt sini la kiteorg berIftar

Yes ayam penyet..Berkurun tggu restoran ni nk bukak dari budak-budak aku tak grad smpai ada yg dh grad baru die bukak.
nampak tu Halalan Thayyiban.Halal tuh

eh sape pulak ni?model spenda apa..

gaya mcm nk ambik gambar kedai tp sebenarnya nk ambik no fon kedai ni.lps ni just call untuk reservation

menu for the day ayam penyet set+soda gembira.
ini b4 makan..

ini after makan. see nasi tak luak tp ayam luak pulak kan.kononn sgt diet tp ayam habes la pulak

ini pinggan Enchik Faiz ya bukan pinggan aku..tengok bpe gelas air kesemuanya..
4 gelas..

nasib baik sedap kalu tak rasa tak berbaloi.
tiba tiba pulak dpn restoran ayam penyet ni ada kedai Tat Nasi ayam mai la pulak Chef wan dgn Danny x factor berbuka kat situ.
jakunn sebentar sbb tak penah tgk Chef Wan dpn mata kan tapi mmg tak kuasa nk ambik gambar.
tapi kalu tak da org mmg aku p terkam Chef Wan tu ambik gambar.

Dpt juga beriftar bersama Enchik Faiz tp bukan berdua ye..bertiga..
Lps ni cuba untuk mencari peluang berdua tu.

Ni nk promote Wang Solo ayam penyet ni.
Mmg best and korang should try.Harga pun affordable.
Set ayam penyet+nasi+terung+tauhu+tempe only rm5.50
soda gembira (bandung+soda) rm3.50.
murahkan..rm 10 je..
dari kite berhabis kat bazaar tu belum tentu tau mana sedap its worth it to iftar here.

Best of try ye..

Ms Linie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i t s O C T O d a r l i n g

Sekarang July
Mggu depan dah masuk Ogos dan Ramadhan
Lepas Ramadhan, Syawal pulak
Lepas Syawal, Oktober pulak.

Pejam celik pejam celik mmg dh tak lama dh "towards it" on Octo
Lagi 2 bulan purnama lagi.
alhamdullilah urusan pertama HIV test, isi borang nikah, tgkp gmbar nikah sudah selesai
urusan lain-lain mcm kartu undangan, pelamin, segala baju jugak telah selesai.
urusan yg kecik kecik seperti packing the goodie and gift sedikit dikit belum selesai.

menjelang Sept urusan pos mengepos dan jemput menjemput bermula.
ya ampun..tiba tiba rasa tak percaya umor duopuluhan ++ akan menamatkan zaman bujang
waktu study dulu penah target akan menamatkn zaman bujang pada umor duopulohsembilan
kiranya target tu awai la sikit dari target zaman study.

selepas Octo perjalanan hidup akan bermula berubah.
tanggujawab pula akan bertambah dan berubah.
makna dengan kata lain, haruslah bersedia ke arah itu.

mudah mudahan dipermudahkan segala urusan menjelang Octo dan hari hari selepas Octo.

tiba tiba ada gambar ni kan

actually nak sgt pelamin DIY seperti ini tetapi malangnya location majlis yg jauh amat susah untuk kwn aku dtg nk buat.
btw, sapa sapa yg berminat bole click kat link kat bawah
for more info or nk tanya utk quotation pun tak pe..
she's ok with that.
feel free to see all the photos.

akhir kata, mudah mudahan segala urusan bagi bulan Ramadhan, Syawal dan Zulkaedah serta segala urusan dipermudahkan oleh Allah swt.

Ms Linie

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jangan Membazir

last week just have my weekend at Penang.
Biasalah trip anak-anak ini.
Excited lebih pada cikgu sendirikan.
the last place which is yg paling klimaks di antara semua tempat shopping at Feringgi Night Market.
Wewoooooooooooo..mmg tak sabar.
tp apakan daya mmg tak bole nak boros sgt lah sbb kene savings untuk membina masjid.
siap ada org pesan lg, miss tlg ye jgn membazir.
so, noted.
ingat tak xnk beli apa2 but akhirnya beli jugak this things.
tp tak membazir bcause this thing byk sgt kegunaannya.
this is call handbag hanger.
cute kan?
at 1st die letak harga rm25 and after tawar menawar both of us (Nesma) dpt rm8.
so why not kan buy this thing sbb bole hanger handbag at ofis, kedai makan, dlm class and etc.
i decided to buy 2handbag hanger.
One for me
and One more for mama.

 handbag hanger

 one for me and one for mama
the pinkand yellow tu pun cute kan

 this is how u can use it
wewoooooooo...u all can see my handbag more organize after using handbage hanger.

i also found another blog sell handbag hanger and there is a lot of design..butterfly pun ada.
feel free to buy and shopping here

alhamdullilah, i managed to spend MYR36.00 at Feringgi Nite Market.
anak-anak mcm biasalah dieorg borong mcm2.
ada yg beli topi, eyewear, tshirt and handbeg.
pic of this trip will update soon.

Ms Linie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Story Mory

I'm reading my friends FB and I get this funny story:

Story One

Wife going to USA
Wife:Do u want anything from USA?
Husband: Yeah, an American girl
Wife returns from USA
Husband:where's my gift?
Wife:wait for 9 months ..

Story two

Boy: I hate to see a girl standing in a bus when I am comfortably seated.
Girl: So what do you do?
Boy: I close my eyes
Ms Linie

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tips and Tips

Here are some tips to be a good students.

1. Attend All Your Classes

Absorb classroom material. Even if the professor follows the textbook pretty closely, sitting in the classroom and listening to the lectures/discussions will help you absorb the materials.

Make presence known/participate. One of the benefits of going to college should be that you form a mentoring relationship with some of your professors, and that's not going to happen if you don't attend the classes. And often faculty have participation points (or bonus points), so beyond just attending, make an effort to be involved in the class discussions.

2. Master Your Professors
Understand course expectations. Most professors give out a class syllabus during the first week of classes -- and it is your responsibility to know deadlines and all the requirements for the course.
Communicate with professors when you are struggling. Especially at larger colleges and universities, the professor won't know when you are struggling, so if you are having problems with the course work or the tests, schedule an appointment to meet with the professor and get the help you need.

3. Get/Stay Organized
Keep homework, tests, and class papers in central location. Don't just throw old homework assignments or tests in the back of your car or the floor of your dorm room. You'll need these for studying for future tests, for meeting with your professor to discuss them, and for figuring your grade in the class… so, keep all your class materials in a central location.

4. Use Time Wisely
Tackle harder work first. Yes, tackle the harder stuff first so that you are sure to have enough time to complete it. You'll feel a greater sense of accomplishment completing the work in this order.

5. Become "Noteworthy"
Be an active listener in class. Don't read the newspaper, gossips with friends, or text your roommate during class. Instead, listen attentively and actively -- and ask for clarification when you need it.
Take good notes in class. Whether taking notes from scratch or following a professor's outline, the key for you will be to get the most important details down so that you can refer back to them when you need them.

6. Use the Textbook
Read all assigned material. Sounds obvious, right? When a professor assigns a chapter, read the whole thing (unless told otherwise), including the opening vignettes, the case studies, and tables and exhibits.

7. Follow Good Rules of Writing
Rewrite, edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite. Learn that editing and rewriting are your friends. No one is a good enough writer to whip out the final draft in one sitting. The best writers go through a process.
Proofread, proofread, proofread. Spellcheckers catch spelling errors, but not other problems, so learn the art of proofreading. Or better, have a buddy system with a friend in which you proofread each other's papers.

8. Study, Study, Study
Study early and often. Breaking your studying into shorter periods of time will make less of a chore -- and give your mind time to absorb the material before moving on.

9. Be a Good Test-Taker
Know what to expect on exams. Every professor has a style of test development, so obtain old copies or ask the professor directly. Know the types of questions that will be asked -- as well as the content that will be covered.

10. Polish Those Verbal Communications Skills
Practice speeches, presentations. The best speeches and presentations are the well-rehearsed ones, so complete your script or outline early enough to have time to practice the presentation (and to make sure it falls within the specified time limit).

This tips really work for me and hope also to my student.
Good luck and will all the best.
Ms Linie

Saturday, May 21, 2011

its almost 2 weeks i didnt blogging.
busy with the preparation
busy with assignment and presentation
busy with sports activity at Melaka
busy be in a two places at one time
busy going back to Terengganu
busy of planning
busy of doing the draft
busy with the little things
busy with the final exam preparation
busy looking for the house to rent
busy with the new semester
busy with my Enchik

busy, busy, busy, but its life kan..
kalu life tak busy bukan life namanya
btw, i love being busy...kalu tak busy nothing to do pun bosan juga
its part of work, study and being a human..right?
busy as a bee....

Ms Linie

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bila Enchik..

inilah yg terjadi bila berlaku desakan dan paksaan dari rakan-rakan sekerja

Nota kaki:
Azila Talib, pinjam pelamin dgn bunga tangan ye.

Ms Linie

Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011


Bila aku lapar teruk dari tengahari tak makan ni lah akibatnya

Nah ambik kau.aku makan nasi lemak 2 bungkus

Ms Linie

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bila Puasa

soalan yg lazim bila puasa kita tnya pada diri kita sendiri.
"arini nak bukak posa makan apa ya?"
sedangkan jam baru pukul 2pm.
Biasalah puasa..belum masuk waktu puasa dh mcm-mcm dlm akal fikiran dok fikir apa la nak makan.
kadang2 tu Enchik Faiz Hilmi pulak yg IM kt FB aku  "arini nk bukak posa kat mana eh syg?"
itu lah die bila org yg ambik berat pasal diri kita kan.

menu-menu yg selalu aku teringin time bukak posa adalah seperti berikut:

 spagetti meatball..

 siakap stim ala-ala di Petai Belalang

siakap 3 rasa pulak ala-ala di Petai Belalang

 cheesse cake

 Jadinya menu-menu sedap diatas bila mana ada ada hari berposa teringin nk makan segala mcm jenis makanan mcm yg kat atas tu la

arini aku posa sbb smlm p Penang tibai garlic nan dgn ayam tandori, pastu mkn bakso mlmnya pulak.
arini terfikir nk bukak posa makan

 kuey tiaw goreng

 bersama jus epal..nyummy........

Selamat berbuka to diri sendiri malam ni.

Ms Linie

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my second time

sume org ada first time 
and sume org mesti ada second time kan
macam bercinta 1st time
terkencing dlm seluar 1st time
toyol 1st time
aku ada experience 1st time 
now ada experience 2nd time pulak

 ni first time aku buat passport  kat immmigration alor setar untuk passport aku yg second time
sila tgk giliran aku: 2113
sila tgk no sekarang: 2081
maknanya 28 orgkan.
aku sampai 12:36pm masa ambik no giliran then aku dpt service encounter kat  kaunter  pukul 2:50pm 
so, two hours keep me waiting.
alhamdullilah aku menunggu dgn sabarnya sbb nk setelkan benda ni on that day jugak

 so, ni la hasilnya..tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ni lah passport malaysia aku 

ni isi kandungan passport malaysia  aku yg kedua.
yg pertama tak tau simpan mana

tak sabar utk menggunakan passport malaysia aku.
dh bercita-cita nk p thailand dgn lec dan classmate thailand aku.
and next destination is _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Miss Linie

Monday, April 18, 2011

the confession of shophaholic

especially women and girl really do shopping.
hari ni aku nk buat satu confession yg skrg ni aku amat addicted untuk shopping.
tapi prefer shopping disini:
 ni sesi pilih memilih..
nampak bakul kat tepi tu?
nampak tak?
 dh pilih yg elok dan rasa berkenan boleh bubuh dlm bakul tu.
yg si amoy mata sepet ni hari-hari p tempat ni skrg.

 ni tambah lagi geng-geng si mata sepek ni..
yg pakai kot biru tu actually she's wearing kot bundle la..
tgh try and adjust bole tak, kalu bole angkatla bak kata dieorang.
"ala, seringgit je Miss bukan mahal pun.  kalu tak nak buat la kain buruk (Aqila, 2011)"

 sesi korek mengorek baju tak abes lagi.
ya...sila gali.......

pic ni aku yg suruh pose so dieorg dgn rela hati pun pose la demi tak menghampakan aku...
so gmbar a little bit blur sbb owner kedai tak mau bukak lampu.

dimana aku shopping?
dimana lagi kalu bukan dibundle yg bajunya hanya rm1.
yg best aku dpt brand Uniqlo, Gap, Puma, Nike.
yes rm1 kan..hari-hari shopping kat sini pun duit dlm account CIMB aku tak abes.
ada org mmg tak minat dgn bundle but ada org minat.
so, its up to masing2 punya perception on bundle la kan.
bagi aku, bundle or yg tak terpakai punya barang pun aku layan.
kalau dh terminat segala apa boleh buat kan.
yg penting balik basuh elok-elok.
kalu kat kampung Enchik Faiz Hilmi kat sana bundle kasut and bundle perabot lagi la best.
bole dpt yg ikea in a good quality and harga pun murah..
nnti kalu aku balik TGG will update on bundle perabot and kasot di Terengganu no..
entry arini setakat sini je.
saje nk hilangkan bosan baru je lepas tampal no meja utk final exam anak-anak ni

Miss Linie