Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wonderful experience

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Alhamdullilah today is almost 8 weeks equal to 2 months im being a mommy.
Terasa cpt masa berjalan.
Tup tap tup tap next year at the end of July will be my due for my baby.
For the 4 weeks alhamdullillah its still ok with me.
But when its come 6 to 7 weeks im having badly morning sickness which i never thought like that.
First time experienced this morning sickness make me realize the sacrifice of mommies outside there and also my Mama.
Dr giving me 2 days of Medical Leave as i cannot perform my work at all.
With the help of my lovely husband and lovely friends i manage to handle it.
Now im waiting 12 weeks to make my Red Report Card
Cant wait to have the report card.
Hope this year and next year will be a good and blessing year for me.
i have 2 week more to finish my 2nd last semester.
and next year i have 3 more papers to struggle to finish my Master
and insyallah will deliver a cute little baby girl or boy.
pray for me.

this is the pic of baby when he or she 8 weeks.
mines also like this.
Pray for me and my baby ya.

Ms Linie