Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr Saiful Nang

Arini aku nk review sikit pasal Encik Saiful Nang.
Actually Saiful Nang is one of my Fav photographer.
I really adore SN because he be able to translate the emotion from the picture that he takes.
Seriously, hope sgt2 Encik Faiz Hilmi (i'm really begging u for this sayang) untuk hire SN utk wedding kami.
Price die tak la mahal sgt its just from RM 7200.00.

Serba sedikit pasal SN ni:

Saiful Nang, 30 is a qualified professional Master in photography by MPA (UK) and also a member of an international Wedding & Portrait Photographer, WPPI, USA. prior to that, he studied visual communication by a degree in Film studies (MMU) with few years of experience in teaching visual communication in Limkokwing University. He’s known as the founder of the internationally recognize brand of service, “CandidSyndrome Int.” which is now has been branched out to Bandar Seri Begawan.

His passion in Wedding Photography is deeply regarded, and has been hired by many levels of people ranging from the middle group to the royal family. Saiful & CandidSyndrome is the official Royal Photographer of Brunei Darussalam for the past few royal weddings. He is also internationally recognised as a focused and determined wedding photographer and has been hired around the globe as a photographer who mastered in the art of capturing moments. Other than that, he is also the photographer for the wedding of the year Ning Baizura, Erra Fazira, Audi Mok & Niki (Malaysia celebrities).

Saiful has created a different phenomena in Malay wedding photography scene then later become 1 of the iconic wedding photographer that been hired regionally and internationally. He is currently specialise in the actual day wedding photography & portrait for all races and customs.

Known with the passion in wedding as well as sharing the hard earned knowledge with others, he then innitiated the fast growing photoskool.net and teach more than 13,000 students virtually. He also brainchild the idea in doing a groundbreaking photography workshop using STAY concept in PhotoCamp, which is now getting wildly popular until he got all earliest 4 series of the planned PhotoCamps series fully booked with another 2,000 more in the waiting list. He believe, in order for a human being to success in what they do, they must do it passionately.

I started photography with some arts background in visual communication but technically I started photography just with my old Nikon D70 (my first camera) with a kit lens. For photographers who wonder what weapon I'm using in the "shooting range", here is the list.

EOS 5d Mark II - (These 2 boys are my best buddy)
EOS 5d Mark II (usually remain in my car for back-up)
EOS 7D - my best teleconverter to convert my 200mm to 300
EOS 30D - My underwater camera
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
Canon 85mm 1.2mm My best portrait lens ever

Rate starts from RM 7,200 per event (4-6 hours coverage)
Inclusive of a grand photobook or a classic b/w album

Outstation fees

RM 500 per day(Malaysia)
RM1,100 per day (International coverage)

Not inclusive :

Mileage at RM0.80 per km
Air-fare ground travelling
Meal at RM50 per day (local) & USD50 per day (international)
Accommodations claimable max at RM250 per day (local), USD200 per day (International)
Saya ialah seorang jurugambar yang meminati kerjaya fotografi dan mahu memartabatkan fotografi. Saya seorang anak petani miskin yang bercita-cita besar untuk menjadikan fotografi satu kerjaya yang terhormat setaraf dengan profession lain

Bermula dengan modal niaga RM90 dan camera pinjam, Alhamdulillah saya dapat mengorak langkah sehingga melakukan sesuatu yang saya sukai dengan sebaik-baik yang saya fikirkan saya mampu.

Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin ialah cinta hati saya. Isteri dan anak saya ialah teman sejati saya. Kerjaya saya ialah hobi saya.

For those yg mmg interested dgn SN ni bole la bukak FB anda sume and type je kat search tu Saiful Nang. then dh jumpe bole like and korang bole tgk sume gambar2 yg SN ambik.

Seriously, if Encik Faiz Hilmi berkebolehan ala2 SN aku nk sgt die tngkp gmbar time aku deliver anak-anak aku nnti.Huhuhuu..

Thats all.

Enjoy reading about SN.

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